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Passionate about computer science, mountain biking and previous electronic engineer.

C#, ASP.NET, JS, CSS and more...
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About me

My name is Cristian Garcia. I had my first computer when I was just 7 years old, a pentium 1 with Windows 98! Once Windows didn't start for some reason, I got really frustrated because I couldn't play my favourite games like Age Of Empires and Half-Life. A friend of mine sorted it out and from then I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to the technology background.


Coding Skills

Thanks to my background as electronic engineer and my passion programming robots I had previous expierence coding. That's why I decided to use Back-End and Front-End programming languages like C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and more...

Soft Skills


Problem Solving

Customer service


Front-end Projects

Shop Website
Bikes' Workshop APP
Website Quiz
Intolerance Food Adviser

Back-end Projects

Housing budget
Database Jobs
Jobs Manager

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I'm based in the pretty countryside located in the south of Oxford

but I'm willing to travel or relocate for the right job.